Nigeria judicial system

Nigeria’s judicial system  need to be reformed to the same level as the UK court that gave Ike Ekweremmadu, his wife, and their doctor a prison term of a few years. Please understand that I am not celebrating their difficult experience;  I am simply mentioning it to emphasize a few issues. Ike Ekweremmadu and the other two would be detained and given bail based solely on their own recognition if this had occurred in Nigeria, regardless of the fact that their actions amounted to attempted murder. The impoverished man’s life would be hidden.What would have happened is an exchange of naira and dollars. He could be required to bail himself and the other two out for millions of naira, with three sureties each paying the same amount as the bail sum. That could be the last the public hears about the situation.

You might recall that Ike Ekweremmadu, his wife, and a doctor from different parts of the world made numerous requests for commutation of their sentences and expressions of regret, but the UK government dismissed all of these requests on the grounds that the former lawmaker and the other two had committed crimes that could not be forgiven. They were sent to prison in the UK today.

In Nigeria, those who are found guilty of a crime or infraction and sentenced to prison are only the less fortunate, political opponents, and perceived and suspected political enemies. Men who occupy high governmental status and live in opulence are not responsible for any crimes committed in our beloved country.

Some Nigerian politicians, past and present, have committed crimes against the populace that are more heinous than the organ harvesting act for which Ekweremmadu was convicted responsible. These people are or were incarcerated inmates.

If the aforementioned boy’s organ had been removed, he would still be alive today, but countless Nigerians have died as a result of a dysfunctional and corrupt administrative structure.

In several states of Nigeria, employees have not received their wages for several months or even years, which has led to their anticipated departures. Do we discuss pension and gratuity recipients who have been or continue to be disregarded till their death? You would sob uncontrollably if God opens your eyes to the extent of extrajudicial murders carried out by security personnel in our nation.

When they graduate without jobs, our adolescents join robbery squads, commit kidnapping, and commit advanced fraud, while female grads accept prostitution as their only means of subsistence.

Many of Nigeria’s leaders were or are supposed to rot in prison because they failed us or are still failing us.


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