Does a father value his son than his daughter?

Does a father value his son more than his daughter?

Male offspring are prized in this region of the world. Because they would respond to the man’s name when he kissed the dust, they are valued more than life.

Some African fathers have killed themselves because they were unable to hear a male baby’s sooty cry in their homes. Some males wed large groups of women in an effort to have children with the third leg.

A male child is a very excellent and important thing to have. It brands the same with macho feathers while balancing the home. It safeguards family heirlooms and deters would-be land speculators. It aids in preventing cultural and social stigma, among other things. I am aware that it accomplishes a lot.

But I also want us to be aware that every male child, especially the first boys, harbors a secret rivalry with his father. In the same way as a parent doesn’t waste much time on a kid who exhibits any prodigality, a male youngster tends to think more highly of himself and his future family than of his father.

A son can travel and live more than 20 years without seeing his father, but if a girl were to live just 5 years without seeing her father, she would very certainly die. Do not misinterpret; I am not referring to a monster, but rather a loving father. Occasionally, fathers are merely sperm donors. They are merely human males. I’m not talking about those fathers.

If you get sick in your old age, your daughter might stay by your side and cry. She will stop at nothing to keep you safe. She speaks to you in a motherly manner. She can abandon her spouse to be with you and see to it that you are properly fed. A father and his daughter share a unique relationship.

However, your son can only cover your medical expenses, hire a caregiver, and go out to a club at night without being aware of your situation.

That is the main issue if your father is wealthy. Even while you’re still breathing, your son will begin hunting for records pertaining to your property. He would be more concerned about what you left behind for him if you ultimately passed away while you were on your deathbed than he would be about your speedy recovery.

The majority of terrible sons hope their wealthy father will leave soon so they can receive a sizable sum of money. Men’s ignorance of who truly loves them is terrible.

A daughter will always adore her father more than a son, especially as he ages.

Stop abusing your wife because she is carrying female offspring; in reality, she is making nice pillows for your old age bed.


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