Poverty will remodel your brain when it pays you a visit. Your logic will be completely different from what you have studied.
For starters, it will isolate you from others and render you socially bankrupt. I mean, you’ll start avoiding groups of three or more people. You will not attend social occasions such as weddings or child dedications, for example. What you will say is that you do not enjoy attending all of those events, as if you will be content if no one attends yours.

Poverty will also alter your lips, and you will begin to advertise what you eat and what you do not eat without being asked. “I don’t eat noodles; bread bothers me; I don’t like milk, let alone tea; I despise beef; egg smells in my mouth; and I’m not interested in drinking beer.” You’re only eating fufu.
It’s called poverty. There will come a moment when you will not only consume them, but eat them voraciously and in a variety of ways. You only have to wait for the poverty to subside a little before you can start having fun.




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