Gov Umahi

In your about to end eight years in office, it appears that you placed an embargo on employment, as there has been no employment in state ministries, unlike the time of your predecessors. Are you unaware that there are usually retirements, deaths, and changes in service in the civil service, but you have allowed the gap to persist? Effective and efficient civil service is the engine room of government in terms of policy implementation for the common good, but under your watch, civil service was pushed to the sidelines and rendered ineffective and redundant, painting your administration as a private enterprise run by your relatives.
Your Excellency, undertook a number of recruitment exercises. You held one in 2018 for nurses, one in 2021 for public officials, which was held in various local government headquarters, and most recently, another one to recruit workers at the airport for the recently inaugurated. Your Excellency, it is likely that you are uninformed of all of these exercises; no appointment letters have been sent in this regard. Please direct your head of service to publish the names if you are aware and directed the conduct of the exercise.
Under your supervision, EBSU, which was recognized as one of the best state institutions in the country, is sliding towards the decline stage of a university’s life cycle. Your predecessors left commendable indelible imprints on the institution; why is yours so different, to the point that university employees are wailing about not being paid for months?
At the early stage of your administration, you assured Ebonyians of fixing Nigercem; an MOU was signed, and Ebonyi took her percentage in the whole scheme. Your Excellency, what happened? It appears the signed document was thrown into the waste basket, as nothing has been heard about the MOU again. The plastic-making company at Ishieke, established by Elechi, which was producing and selling plastic pipes within and outside the state and generating funds for the state, went moribund shortly after you assumed office. What happened, your excellency?
You built two-room apartment teachers quarters in almost all the schools in Ebonyi, but forgot that the schools are without teachers. It is possible you are unaware of this ugly development, as some schools account for less than three teachers, headteacher inclusive. To buttress my point, the so-called teachers quarters have not been inhabited to date because there are no teachers in the school where they are built.
Your government recently paid the penalty imposed on her by WAEC as a result of examination malpractices committed in some Ebonyi schools, without which a number of schools would be decertified and unable to conduct WAEC exams. Is it not disturbing to you, Your Excellency, since it was your inability to improve the education sector that resulted in such shame from the exam body? If we do not have the workforce that comes from a good education, the famous airport you built will recruit Ebonyians as drivers and cleaners, while states that spend in education to develop their people will manage the airport.
What is the reason for dualizing federal roads while rural portions of the state have no motorized roads and become inaccessible during the rainy season, Your Excellency? Why did you forsake the water project, which was nearly completed when you took office as Ebonyi governor, leaving the state as the only one in eastern Nigeria without public water supply?
Before you became governor, the state enjoyed scholarship, but you killed it while your Akubaraoha education foundation operates effectively but only for your people in Uburu. Your Excellency, you appear partial in this case.
Ebonyi state has never participated in any national sporting activities under your rule, yet you are constructing what you call an Olympic stadium in a state where secondary school sporting activities are non-existent due to your neglet and a lack of manpower in the school system.
To be continued……..
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