Sen. Ahmed Asiwaju Tinubu of the APC allegedly made claims several times before the election that it was his turn (EMILOKAN) telling his Yoruba people how he installed President Buhari and how it was his turn based on whatever agreement he had with his party. He not only claimed it was his turn, he still nominated a Muslin Deputy which raised many issues and discussions during the Campaign and he never changed his position.
Nigerians also heard HE Atiku Abubakar who ran the election on the platform of PDP, in a video that went viral during the campaign, telling his Northern brothers to vote for him because he was a Northerner and they should not vote for Igbo or Yoruba person. Atiku even came to the South East and told them that it was only through him that any Igbo man could become a President of Nigeria.
Mr. Peter Obi visited virtually all the nooks and crannies of this country including the five states of the Igbo region and was heard telling the people never to vote for him because he was an Igbo man. He asked Nigerians to vote for people with character, competence and integrity. He visited the IDP camps in Borno State and many other parts of the North. He spent his Christmas with the displaced people of Benue state in an IDP camp. He visited victims of flood irrespective of whose religion or God they worshipped.
How could a phone conversation with a man of God which only sought for prayers for a successful election and support of people in the church become evidence of incapacity for the office of the President of Nigeria.
Nigerians who voted for Peter Obi for President knew that he was a devout Christian and indeed a Catholic. He has never hidden his faith. His ability to serve humanity in public office is his total belief in God and commitment to humanity. That was why he was voted as a President and that is why he is seeking through the legal process to retrieve the Mandate of the people given to him. No amount of ridiculous blackmail will change the fact that the majority of Nigerians believe that Peter Obi has the character, competence and integrity to lead Nigeria at this time.

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