The Case of Inyadimme and the lesson it teaches

The Case of Inyadimme and the lesson it teaches

The bruises suffered by the old APCs, caused by the illegal invasion of the party by Ubman will remain fresh in the minds of every patriotic old APCs in Ebonyi State. Therefore, when any of the “invaders” suffer any loss in the political space, I would personally mute my Christian belief to celebrate it.

Ubman and his men will continue to suffer losses in their quest for dominance, and it will always come at the eleventh hour. They cannot behave like robbers who robbed someone’s car and then returned to offer the victim to join them for a trip in the same car that was stolen from him.

It is said by knowledgeable people that you cannot beat a child and expect him to not cry. All we heard, saw, and felt while we were crying were jeers. Our cries broke through the dense mist that they had purposefully built in an effort to block the God of Vengeance from hearing our prayers. We prayed nonstop, and the results of our prayers are slowly coming to pass.

In light of the aforementioned, there is a second aspect to what transpired between Barr. Leo Igboke and Hon. Nwite at the Supreme Court, which, in my opinion, should serve as a lesson to those who worship Ubman and Nwatif as their gods who cause things to happen even in violation of moral and ethical standards. Ubman is one of those people who always seems like he could scam anyone; he says something that is extremely pleasant but has a deceptively plausible demeanor, and his lifestyle demonstrates that he is an adherent of Alinsky and Marcarelli.

In less than 74 hours after giving Hon. Nwite false hope by boasting that he would return him to the next session of the state house of assembly by any means necessary, the Supreme Court sacked him, confirming that he deceived him with his serial case-losing lawyer brother, who milked Hon. Nwite and falsely assured him that he was on a victorious path.

What does this mean for others who feel Ubman has the power to transform their bleak political situation? The case of Hon. Nwite and Barr. Igboke’s genuine candidacy has become a precedent and a reference in Ebonyi State’s political sphere. From a practical standpoint, all of the invaders in the APC, particularly those in Ubman’s camp, are on unstable ground as affidavit candidates and may lose their seats even if certified winners in the upcoming elections.

What is wrong will remain wrong until it is fixed, even if Ubman permits the evil to persist because he may benefit from it. In other words, if the “invaders'” structure crashes, he will have something to grab onto in his axis because his brother is in race. It could be why they’re targeting Odoh for elimination, having seen how the foundation of equity is crumbling; if Odo is gone, his power-retention agenda would run unhindered.

Ebonyians should wake up and use a noble error of equity to evict the enemies of democracy masquerading as their loves.


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