Speaker Nwifuru

Speaker Nwifuru, did you pay your supporters to blackmail Hon. Anatex?

Hon. Anayo Nwonu, who represents the Ezza North/Ishielu Federal Constituency in the National Assembly, recently hosted gubernatorial candidates from the PDP and APC, respectively, who came to consult and seek his support for their elections.

Anyichuks came, discussed with Anatex, and then went without making a fuss. Speaker Nwifuru, on the other hand, whose political behavior can be compared to a local fowl that scatters when searching for what to eat, infused the hackneyed equity to deceive and attract sympathy from the supporters of Anayo, who were in the venue of the meeting in their numbers.

Shortly after Nwifuru ended his meeting with Anatex, his followers took it to social media and flooded the space with fake endorsement claims, saying that Anatex supported Nwifuru and directed his supporters to vote for him on the basis of clichéd “equity”. This hoax was apparently prepared remotely and paid for by Nwifuru in order to blackmail Hon. Anatex, who had left his doors open to welcome him.

The development demonstrates Nwifuru’s unrivaled megalomania. Despite Umahi’s endorsement, in which he compares his power to that of the Almighty God, he exhibits unsettling behavior, and at any gathering, he infuses the cliché “equity” to arouse sentiment in to deceive the gullible into keying into his boss’s third agenda, which he champions in the guise of running for governorship in the toga of deceptive equity.

Only yesterday, other candidates met with workers in Ebonyi State; Nwifuru, like his boss, declined the invitation to attend, which is typical of the boss he wants to succeed, who shows utter contempt for workers with the predatory denial of their rights, causing them untold hardship.Nwifuru must understand that equity cannot be the criterion for electing the next governor, and if it is, it cannot fall only on his shoulders. In other words, equity is an APC thing—a party that is detrimental to the state and must be defeated at the polls.

Nwifuru’s silence in the face of unbridled blackmail from his supporters against Hon. Anayo, who made it clear in his speech that only his supporters will tell him which way to go in the gubernatorial election, suggests that Nwifuru was well aware of the false claim made by his rump supporters, revealing to Ebonyi people the personality that wants to rule them.

Nwifuru’s campaign group should have written and delivered a speech by now distancing itself from the blackmail aimed at tarnishing Hon. Nwonu’s political integrity. The failure to provide a clear statement strengthens the suspicion that the blackmail was premeditated.




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