Do not be ignorant

Do not be ignorant on Facebook. Return to your senses of critical thinking or remain brainwashed followers of some blowhards and continue to feed off the excrement they dump on their Facebook pages all day due to a lack of critical thinking. Return to your humanity, numbed by what you consume from the pages of these windbags, which will have a serious impact on your psychological lifestyle if you continue in this behavior that has caused you to lose your sense of critical thinking.This is because these jerks believe that if they tell lies over and over again, their gullible audience will believe them. It is becoming increasingly common for impressionable lie consumers to refer to or quote white lies in their inferior arguments with anyone who challenges them. That’s how bad things have gotten, and only a revival can restore order.

Unfortunately, social media has turned everyone into an emergency journalist, robbing journalism of its nobler aspects. Superior argumentation and interaction ethics have withered on Facebook’s streets.

Attempts to correct the flaws are commonly referred to as “hatred” or “envy.” What is wrong is lauded, while what is right is downplayed. As a result, you must choose between remaining silent, joining the crowd in doing the wrong thing, and fighting the verbal assault that will force you to walk alone in the narrow space of realities.



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