Some Igbos living in Europe and America are the major causes of the problems in southeast Nigeria today are the result of some Igbos living abroad who seek fame by spreading unsubstantiated single stories or fake news.

Recently, an Igbo lady who opposes Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of Ipob, has shifted her attack to include the Catholic Church.

They cannot make such posts against the country in which they live without being arrested. Their sensational posts lack logic, but they use them to attract followers, particularly the gullible. By slamming their fingers on the keyboard to spread a one-sided story, they wreak havoc and watch the fire burn from afar.

Why can’t these European keyboard warriors come up with entrepreneurial ideas that can change lives in the east instead of the emotional blackmail that they engage in all the time? This is unworthy of people living in a civilized country.


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