Dry season

It is dry season in Nigeria, a time of hot weather while it is chilly in Europe. 

That is the situation following the usual holiday chaos of December and early January.

The hot weather brings an increase in mosquito bites and other dangerous insects that thrive in homes, and water scarcity causes many people to wander around in search of water.  When the weather gets hot, fires frequently break out. During this time, parents and even teachers in elementary and secondary schools take the opportunity to remind kids to stay away from open flames and to avoid playing with machetes or burning firewood, both of which can cause house fires to start.

Meningitis outbreaks are not out of the ordinary, particularly in northern Nigeria, where the heat is frequently unheard of.

Experience has taught us that the weather gets hotter every year, unlike in the past.

Village streams are drying up, trees are being cut down without being replaced, and more farmers and hunters are bush-burning.

Let’s fight climate change now, before it puts an end to our efforts.


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