It is a form of prostitution; it is referred to as a “hookup” to distinguish it from renting a room in a brothel for commercial sex or standing by a busy road late at night for a client. All of these are forms of prostitution, and anyone who patronises a prostitute in any of these ways is also a prostitute.

It is understandable that Nigeria’s economy is in bad shape, and it is getting worse by the day. The rise in commercial sex is inextricably linked to the bad economy. People, particularly women, use what they have to get what they want. However, in most cases, it is not for what they want, but for what they don’t really need or want.

A greedy young girl, for example, who does not need an expensive Apple phone in the true sense of the word, could sleep around to raise money to buy one just for the fun of it. This same girl may be a student and live with her parents in a squalid environment where she is susceptible to disease, but she prefers the fun of an Apple phone to taking her studies seriously for a better future.

The immoral phenomenon is not limited to young adults; married men and women are also heavily involved in “hookups.” In fact, married men are on the front lines of keeping “hook up girls” at bay. They rent a house for them to meet in, buy them cars, and look after them better than their own families.

Hookup husbands have infected some women with sexually transmitted diseases, and the same is true for men whose wives are involved in the same immoral hookup deals.When this occurs, their children suffer when they become ill with the infection, which can lead to death.In conclusion, no respectable name can justify prostitution, and anyone who has a sexual relationship with someone other than their spouse or partner is a prostitute and lacks the moral authority to condemn girls in hookup situations.


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