School enrollment is discouraged by the  actions of the Ebonyi state government at various levels in Nigeria, which plays down the funding of public schools, primary secondary and tertiary institutions.

They left public schools in derelict conditions with inadequate teaching staff, making it impossible for teaching and proper supervision of the children in both primary and secondary schools.

In Ebonyi State, records show that recruitment of teachers into primary and secondary schools was held in 2012. Since then, there has been retirement of teachers, deaths, and several of the teachers have left the service for other well-paid jobs. As a result, public schools lack personnel. In schools with about 400 pupils that cannot account for up to five teachers, headteachers are inclusive.

The scenario clears the way for children within the age of primary and school to resort to street hawking or commercial cyclists popularly known as okada on a hire purchase basis. While in the business, the zeal to gain education wanes.

At the tertiary level , there has been incessant actions and   several graduates are without a job and the government is creating the enabling environment for them to be self-employed. Several of them risk crossing the Mediterranean Sea to Europe for a greener pasture, while some succeed, some falling prey to human traffickers in Libya.

No government official has had his kid in any public school in Nigeria because they are aware of the situation. Private schools thrive, but not within the reach of the poor masses. Ironically, those in government are all products of the public working to destroy the bridge that gave them access to success.

The only thing that bridges the gap between the poor and the rich in Nigeria is education. Because the rich live in a world of their own but the education environment brings the children of both the poor and the rich under one roof. With such a scenario, the rich can change their orientation about the poor people and work towards the common good for a better society.




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